Sabong Batangas


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sabong batangas

How to get from Batangas to Sabang?

The bad news is that boats from Batangas do not come direct to Sabang so you have to go to Puerto Galera and then motorbike taxi for 20 mins to get to the resort.

Is Sabang a good place to stay?

I would very strongly advise anyone coming to Sabang to get a place with a good balcony unless they are staying in a place with a pool as there are not so many public places to sit outside except the beach and some benches on the seafront which although is getting better is not great.

Can you swim in SAB Sabang?

Sabang is not a place for relaxing on the beach. We note they're sorting out the water pollution (over-stretched sewage systems!) and we're reliably told it will improve further over the next few years and be more open to swimming. DO NOT WALK BARE FOOT on the beach!!!! The biggest disappointment is seeing dog poop on the beach and side walks.

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