Maranao Sabong


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maranao sabong

Who are the Maranao people?

The Maranao people, also spelled Meranao, Maranaw, and Mëranaw, is the term used by the Philippine government to refer to the southern indigenous people who

Will martial law solve the recurring war and conflict in Mindanao?

The events in the last 12 days have shown that the Maranao society cannot just watch and tolerate ISIS-inspired groups digging in for war in their peaceful abodes. Martial law will not solve this recurring and resurgent war and conflict in Muslim Mindanao.

Can Mindanao Muslims push past clan politics?

It will only be the learning, awakening and resolve of the Mindanao Muslim population to push past their unending and fragmented clan politics, the contest for political power and wealth tramps every other institutional form of arbitration and mediation.

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