How To Stop Online Sabong Addiction


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how to stop online sabong addiction

Can you get addicted to E-Sabong?

Other factors that may lead to e-sabong addiction include role-modeling, especially when a person has family members or relatives who are also addicted to cockfighting. But even though gambling addiction may be difficult to manage, Dellosa still recommends rehabilitation to help address the problem.

What is E-Sabong?

"E-sabong" can easily be accessible to users through their smartphones, with transactions made via online-cash-apps. Without the need to physically go to a venue to participate in gambling, there is no regulation over who is allowed or not to participate in the activity.

Why is Sabong so popular in the Philippines?

"Sabong is very culturally condoned and tolerated in the Philippines. [It] can be addictive is because of the culture and festivity. You're not only going there to bet.

How can I stop being addicted to blocksite?

Never be afraid to ask for help from family and friends – it often helps to have someone keep you in check who wants the best for you. Additionally, there’s plenty of self help books and apps like BlockSite that can help curb the addiction.

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