E-sabong Bill


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e-sabong bill

What is the “Sabong tax”?

As provided in the bill, the “sabong tax” will be collected quarterly. It also requires the Games and Amusement Board (GAB) to issue the guidelines for off-site betting even as the Bureau of Internal Revenue implements its own process for taxing online betting.

Will E-Sabong tax help revive Philippine economy?

MANILA, Philippines — Desperate times call for desperate measures. Key allies of President Duterte have expressed optimism that the House of Representatives’ approval of a bill imposing new taxes on electronic cockfighting – more popularly known as e-sabong – will help revive the country’s pandemic-hit economy.

Is HB 8910 the end of E-Sabong?

The bill does not seek to outlaw e-sabong. HB 8910’s aim is to legislate the operation of online cockpit fighting rings, regulate all aspects of play, and direct the revenue towards federal coffers. The bill contains formulas that dictate the amount of cockpit betting operations allowable per capita.

Can the GAB regulate Sabong betting?

This bill seeks to broaden the scope of the Games and Amusements Board (GAB), giving it the authority to regulate – or, alternatively, deem unlawful – online domestic sabong betting, aka e-sabong.

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